Leaked Apple AirPod photos: What’s different?

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From BGR’s Zach Epstein: Leaked photos show Apple’s next-gen AirPods for the first time ever:

Anonymous Twitter user “Mr. White” has been sharing photos of unreleased products and components for years now, but he still manages to fly under the radar most of the time. Despite the fact that he’s not as well-known as some other gadget leakers, his leaks almost always end up being genuine.

Early Wednesday morning, Mr. White posted two photos that show dozens of stacked AirPods cases. Though he posted no text along with the photos, his reputation suggested that the images show the unreleased second-generation version of Apple’s AirPods. Then, in a subsequent response, the leaker confirmed that this is the case when he told another Twitter user that the AirPods shown in the photos are “not available” yet.

Unfortunately, no other details are available at this time. We have no concrete details regarding what upgrades Apple’s new AirPods might offer. We also don’t know if the charging case they ship with will support wireless charging despite Apple having never released the AirPower charging mat it unveiled more than a year ago. All we know is that the second-generation AirPods are pictured in these leaked photos, and that they’re expected to launch before the end of the year.

My take: Don’t know if anything ships this year, but with a crack in one and the sound fading in the other, I know I’m more than ready for a new pair.