Apple price resistance

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From Paris Marx’s Apple’s Higher Prices Are Pure Greed in Medium:

Apple will keep raising prices to see when its customers finally reach their collective breaking point, and while that seems to be happening for some, it clearly hasn’t reached the point where the company sees the need to stop. The product line is increasingly a mess because profits are put before products, but that doesn’t matter as long as investors keep seeing revenue growth, profit growth, and more money in their pockets — even if it comes out of those who have much less because they need to fork over so much to join or remain in the Apple ecosystem.

It’s pure greed, and that’s what Tim Cook’s Apple is all about.

My take: If Apple investors stop seeing revenue growth, profit growth, and more money in their pockets , complaints like this will start to sting.

Marx’s Mashable bio:

Socialist, traveller, urbanist. MA Geog, McGill. I write critically about tech and cities, and curate the Radical Urbanist newsletter.