Why Apple will be OK, post Buenos Aires

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Trump and Xi will hammer out a US-China trade deal tonight. Or not. Either way, Tim Cook will “do a Rothschild.”


From friend-of-the-blog Tommo_UK:

Whatever Trump might be, he’s not going to turn on Apple—the most successful company in US history and its biggest money maker, not to mention an iconic example of American innovation (unlike the auto industry which he rightfully despises) unseen since IBM in its heyday.

I don’t think he’ll do anything to prejudice Apple—and it isn’t in Chinese interests to punish the company either, considering how many jobs and supply chains with Apple increasingly sourcing Chinese rather than Korean/Tawainese components to keep the Chinese on-side. Apple is knee deep in Chinese manufacturing and R&D projects, helping the country’s manufacturers of high-end high expertise dependent items such as OLED screen fabs produce products of consistently high enough quality and yield to supply Apple with components.

Remember Tim is a logistics expert without peer, and without his foresight and planning Jobs’ dreams would have come to nothing. I’m confident he’s made sure he’s “doing a Rothschild” and making sure Apple emerges on top, no matter who wins the trade war.

My take: Doing a Rothschild?

From Tommo_UK:

trump xi buenos aires rothschildIt’s in reference to the Napoleonic wars between Britain and France. The UK sent emissaries on behalf of the king to borrow money to fund their war effort from the Rothschilds, who by this time had established banking empires all over the continent to spread and protect their wealth from the threat of having it confiscated by the invasion of any one country by another.

The Rothschilds bankrolled Britain and France, profiting from both and were also instrumental in funding rebuilding exercises across Europe in the Marshall Plan of its time after the war(s).
Simply put they cleverly positioned themselves to profit no matter who won the war and protect themselves during it by having their wealth spread out, hence my use of the phrase “doing a Rothschild.”  Love them or hate them, they’re amazing tacticians and strategists.