On watching Steve Jobs introduce the iPhone (video)

Philip Elmer-DeWitt

“Had I known what he was doing I would have stuck a pencil in his chest.” —Dave Chappelle


Three minutes of tragic-comic relief, from Sway’s Universe:

Chappelle: I remember after I quit my show, I was in San Francisco when someone just gave me tickets to MacWorld. And I sat in the front. I was by myself. And I watched Steve Jobs introduce the iPhone. And had I known what he was doing I would have stuck a pencil in his chest. God save the man.

[Laughter. “That’s real.”]

Jesus Christ, I mean the world is a totally different place. As those phones get bigger we all get dumber. I haven’t read a book in years, yet I consume itty bitty hors d’oeuvres of information all day every day. Every few minutes I know what Trump is doing. I f—ing hate this world like this. It’s just too much information.

Cue the video:


Thanks to Howard Lindzon, who was suffering from writer’s block yesterday and left this pointer as a consolation gift to readers.

My take: I miss Chappelle’s comic voice. I remember after someone interviewed him for a profile in Time, he showed up at our story conferences every morning for a week, just to see what the weekly newsmagazine business was about. I would have to loved to hear his take on what he saw.