Inside Tim Cook’s new warehouse (video)

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Last year, Cook grabbed a shovel in Reno to showcase Apple’s pledge to create 20,000 U.S. jobs within five years. Last week, the local press toured the finished building.


From What’s it like inside Apple’s new downtown Reno warehouse?, posted Friday in the Reno Gazette Journal:

The Reno Gazette Journal got a first look during a visit to the facility on Valentine’s Day — yes, Valentine’s Day — to see what it’s like inside Apple’s recently completed storage and shipment building. The building, which broke ground on January last year with a visit from CEO Tim Cook, is located on Evans Avenue and Sixth Street at downtown’s Tessera District.

After being buzzed in through several security doors, we walked through a regular office space before stepping into the main warehouse area, which accounted for the bulk of the facility. The shipping and storage section featured several loading bays, storage shelves and warehousing equipment…

Building the downtown facility was a requirement for Apple to fully receive $89 million in tax abatements that it negotiated with state and local officials.

According to the Gazette Journal, which posted 15 photos and a video, the warehouse will be staffed by a mix of Apple employees and outside contractors.

Cue the video: (WARNING: Watching paint dry.)

My take: Not every warehouse is Amazonian in scale. Not every Apple building looks like spaceship has landed.