Katy Huberty talks Apple on Squawk Alley (video)

Morgan Stanley’s chief tech analyst on healthcare, 5G, China and why Hollywood would want to partner with Apple.


Six minutes, seven soundbites:

  • If there’s any technology company today that is well-positioned to pull this off and build the trust of healthcare institutions and consumers it is Apple.
  • Apple has almost 60% revenue share in wearables today and we expect that to migrate not just from your wrist but to your ears [and beyond].
  • It’s important to know that Apple users spend 10 times more than Android users on services.
  • Near term, iPhone data points are stabilizing. We’ve seen the data in China improve after price decreases.
  • Longer term, we believe Apple sees 5G as a huge opportunity.
  • Apple historically has been late to market on new communications technologies because if you’re going to pass the higher cost on to consumers, the benefit needs to be there—the networks need to be built out.
  • iOS and the App Store is really the only path to market for those who want scale.

Cue the video:

Apple is well-positioned to earn the public trust in health care, says expert from CNBC.

My take: A class act.

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