Apple FUD: Look who’s still using IDC’s bogus iPhone data

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By the end of last week it was clear that IDC’s iPhone unit sales estimate was short, perhaps by 7 million units. Someone didn’t get the memo.


From “Samsung and Huawei crush Apple’s smartphone global market share” posted Monday by Adrian Kingsley-Hughes

It’s funny how quickly things can change. A three months ago it seemed like Apple was on track to grab the global smartphone market share crown from Samsung this last quarter, only to be shoved into third place by Chinese maker Huawei.

Here’s a chart that tracks the fight between Apple, Samsung, and Huawei over the past five quarters (courtesy of Bloomberg, based on IDC data)…

Chart omitted because it was way off. See, for example,

To Kingsley-Hughes’ credit, he adds that “revenue and profits tell a different story…”

Look at the dollars and cents, if we take the last quarter revenues and profits, it’s clear that market share isn’t everything.

Samsung – Revenue: $44.7 billion | Profits: $5.3 billion
Huawei – Revenue: $26.8 billion | Profits: $2.1 billion
Apple – Revenue: $58 billion | Profits: $11.6 billion

My take: Too bad about ZDNet’s headline. “Crush” is great verb. Makes me think of grapes.