YouTube lets stand big $999 Apple Pro Stand groans (video)

One week later, a WWDC clip that ran afoul of copyright claims is back up.


From ExtremeTech: “Apple Attempted to Censor Critical Coverage of Its $1,000 Monitor Stand“:

On Monday, Apple announced a number of products, including the long-awaited Mac Pro follow-up and a new professional display. But what turned people’s heads the most is the fact that Apple thinks you should have to pay $1,000 for a monitor stand. People in the audience didn’t clap when the announcer unveiled the price — they audibly groaned. And Apple doesn’t want people to know that.

The Register embedded a clip of the audience reaction in one of its stories — and Apple killed the video on the grounds that it supposedly infringed on the company’s copyright. As of this writing, the original clip of Apple announcing the $1K price tag that The Register embedded in its own story remains offline.

Cue the (restored) video:


My take: Making a copyright violation claim—if that’s what Apple did—is not “censorship.” Just sayin’. Meanwhile, YouTube struggles to come to terms with the weird alternative reality it helped create.