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AT&T's incoming CEO and another executive talked at conferences this week about the launch the HBO Max streaming service, and about the 5G transition.
The long list of competitors means that AT&T does not have an easy road to a dominant place in the new streaming industry.
AT&T Inc. has felt the upheaval caused by the novel coronavrius pandemic and has delayed the opening of its new Discovery District in Dallas. But the telecom giant says its technology initiatives...
It hasn’t been the best year for AT&T. Of particular concern are big losses to the company’s subscription TV services. But an underreported plus for the telecommunications giant is the quiet but...
AT&T will launch its HBO Max at the end of the month, but it may be swimming against the video streaming tide. Investors won't care as long as dividend gets paid.
AT&T’s dividend is the best thing it has going for it, and there would be a price to pay if the company cut it. Luckily it does not plan on doing that.
Verizon Communications shares retreated a bit after it reported mixed quarterly results before the markets opened on Friday.
Verizon Communications is expected to report its most recent quarterly results before the market opens on Friday.
AT&T's first-quarter results were a little short of analysts' expectations, but the company's solid financial footing and impressive dividend continue to please investors.
Verizon's Business group has announced an acquisition of video conferencing and meeting company BlueJeans Network as the Dow 30 company builds out its 5G capabilities.
An AT&T update showed that the company is financially strong with a healthy balance sheet and ample liquidity. Its operating businesses are expected to support its dividend payments.
AT&T says it has halted its $4 billion accelerated share repurchase agreement. Did the COVID-19 impact pressure AT&T over its dividend?
Investors are scrambling for safe-haven stocks. For many, Verizon is at the top of the list, due to its rock-solid balance sheet and bondlike yield.
As the grip of the COVID-19 spreads, Verizon’s business is in as safe a position as any mega-cap stock. The shares are now outperforming the Dow Jones industrials.
The market has taken a pounding for days and investors have started to look for safe-haven stocks. Verizon fits the bill.