Aerospace & Defense

Cramer Outlines Long-Term Growth in Aerospace

On today’s Wall Street Confidential video on, Jim Cramer says that aerospace stocks are great buying opportunities on down market days like today and yesterday.  Aerospace is tied into a long-term cycle, not really part of the stock market.  Honeywell (HON) is even better than Boeing (BA). BEA Areospace (BEAV) is great on the interiors for planes.  Other great aerospace plays he gave were Brush Engineered Materials (BW), Allegheny Tech (ATI), Precision Cast Parts (PCP), and AAR Corp. (AIR).  He also gave some defense names, but the main point was on the long-term growth trends. 

For some conjecture, let’s hope that idf things ever slow down too much that waves of order cancellations don’t come into play like they have in past down-cycles.  If that happens, Cramer will probably remember that these aren’t permanent growth engines.  To prove a point, BEAV traded well under $5.00 at the lows during the last down-cycle in the sector.

Jon C. Ogg
June 6, 2007

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