Apple iPad Launch Details

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Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL) will likely announce the release of its new iPad on October 22 at a large media event set by the world’s premier tech company.

Among the questions analysts have asked are whether there will be two versions of the  iPad 5 depending on how Apple brands it. The screen size of large and mini versions of the current iPad are expected to be the same as the current generation.

The media is filled with speculation about the new tablet. Among the reports are one from the Telegraph:

The latest versions of the iPad could feature a more squared-off design akin to the iPad Mini, and like the recently launched iPhone 5S come in a range of bright colours.

Under the hood, it is thought the iPad 5 may use the powerful 64-bit A7X chip as Apple tries to provide owners with the power and performance of desktop or laptop computers.

Touch ID fingerprint recognition is likely to feature on the the iPad 5 but not the iPad Mini 2.

Some experts believe that the biggest and most important changes will be to the Mini, because its screen size has become increasingly popular with consumers. CNN Money points out:

Apple is also expected to update the iPad mini on Tuesday, giving it a much more robust upgrade. Most notably, the mini tablet is expected to get a Retina display, significantly upgrading the resolution of its screen.

Finally, there is a great deal of expectation that the finger print technology which is part of the new iPhone 5 will carry over to the iPad. Gizmodo’s experts expect:

The next generation of MacBook laptops and iPad tablets could be opened with a scan of a fingerprint … as Apple’s TouchID patent looks ready to cover a wider range of the Cupertino firm’s products.

According to Patently Apple:

On October 17, 2013, the US Patent & Trademark Office published a patent application from Apple that reveals more details behind Apple’s new Touch ID fingerprint scanner. Apple reveals that they added a method to the sensor that would allow it to scan a fingerprint at a much higher resolution than other sensors on the market without electrically shocking the finger. Apple also notes that their Touch ID technology could eventually apply to an iPad, MacBook and beyond.

As far as price is concerned, experts at CNET and TechCrunch expect Apple will keep prices in line with past versions of the iPad.

CNET also cites a research analyst at Deutsche Bank:

We expect Apple to refresh the iPad and iPad Mini at its event on October 22nd with the iPad receiving a spec bump that parallels the iPhone 5S including 64bit architecture, a longer battery life and fingerprint authentication (in addition to receiving a thinner profile). In addition, we expect the iPad Mini to ship with retina display and also have fingerprint authentication.