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15 Least Popular Car Models According to Millennials: Ranked

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Some car companies are well-loved by millennials, like Honda and Subaru. But others aren’t so well-loved.

YouGov surveyed millennials to determine which car makers millennials like most. In many cases, those with the lowest rating were also the ones that weren’t as well-known.

We’ll go through the 15 least popular car makers for millennials, working our way all the way down to the least-liked car company. We’ve provided a “rating” for each company, which represents the percentage of millennials that have a high rating of the company.

Why Does it Matter?

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Millennials often like newer cars with modern features.

When choosing which car companies to invest in, you should likely avoid car makers that are rated poorly by a large segment of the population, like millennials. These brands are absolutely not the world’s hottest car company.

15. Suzuki Cars

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Most Millennials prefer more spacious cars.
  • Rating: 50%

Suzuki Cars are known for their fuel-efficient, affordable, compact cars. They may appeal to millennials who prioritize practicality and live in cities. However, only around half of millennials have a high opinion of them.

14. Peugeot

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While millennials differ in many views, you’d be surprised to learn that they tend to agree on their least favorite car companies.
  • Rating: 50%

This French brand sells hatchbacks and SUVs with a sporty feel. While some millennials do like them, their popularity rating is only at 50%.

13. Alfa Romeo

Source: Wirestock / iStock Editorial via Getty Images
This car company doesn’t get much recognition among millennials.
  • Rating: 48%

Alfa Romeo is best known for its rich racing heritage, with a focus on luxury sedans and SUVs. This company isn’t well-liked by millennials, though. They have a more European flair and a performance edge, but they don’t tend to be the cheapest brand.

12. Saab

Source: Saab 900 Turbo
This company is largely defunct.
  • Rating: 47%

Saab is rated so low, likely because they no longer produce cars. There are still pre-owned cars floating about, though. Some millennials find these attractive as they have a bit of a cult-like following, but the vast majority rated this company poorly.

11. AMC

Source: Charles01, CC BY-SA 3.0 , via Wikimedia Commons
This company is no longer producing cars, either.
  • Rating: 47%

American Motors Corporation offered a variety of vehicles through the 20th century. They’ve inspired pop culture, which is why some millennials like them. However, they only scored 47% on the survey.

10. Carvana

Source: jetcityimage / iStock Editorial via Getty Images
Despite their online shopping focus, this company doesn’t rate well with Millennials.

Rating: 46%

Carvana is an online car dealership that allows users to shop from home. This company even delivers cars to yoru home. However, despite what you may think, millennials actually have a pretty low opinion of this brand despite it being widely known.

9. Fiat

Source: Public Domain/Wikimedia Commons
Despite being a widely known brand, Fiat doesn’t have a good rating with Millennials.
  • Rating: 44%

Fiat is a widely known brand that produces small, fuel-efficient cars with a quirky design style. Fiat doesn’t resonate well with millennials, though, with only 44% of those polled thinking highly of them.

8. Nash Motors

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Many Millennials prefer newer cars with plenty of tech.
  • Rating: 42%

Nash Motors is much less well-known than Fiat and no longer produces cars. These factors likely explain why it ended up with such a low opinion according to our data. Some millennials do find these classic cars interesting due to their vintage aesthetic, but the vast majority of them haven’t heard of this brand.

7. MG Rover Group

Source: China Photos / Getty Images News via Getty Images
This company has since been purchased by a Chinese company.
  • Rating: 40%

MG offers sporty, affordable cars throughout the 20th century. They no longer produce cars, though, and they have a relatively low rating amongst millennials. Those that do rate them highly tend to enjoy the blend of classic design and modern features.

6. Citreon

Source: Prostock-Studio / iStock via Getty Images
Millennials do a lot of research online before purchasing a car, in most cases.
  • Rating: 39%

This French automaker is known for its innovative design and comfortable interiors. They focus on a tech-forward driving experience. Despite this, that don’t get very high ratings from millennials.

5. Daewoo

Source: Public Domain/Wikimedia Commons
This vehicle company isn’t very popular with millennials in the least.
  • Rating: 38%

Daewoo vehicles have been discontinued in most markets. Their cars aren’t very tech-heavy and tend to lack very modern features, which may be why millennials don’t rate them very highly.

4. Rivian

Source: Spencer Platt / Getty Images
This brand may be environmentally friendly, but they’re also pretty expensive.
  • Rating: 38%

Rivian produces electrical vehicles and bills them as an environmentally friendly option. Sadly, their high price tends to keep millennials at bay and is likely why they have such a low rating. For those who are budget-conscious, other cars are likely a better option.

3. Studebaker

Source: Public Domain/Wikimedia Commons
Most Millennials prefer newer brands.
  • Rating: 37%

Studebaker used to be a rather popular brand. However, they don’t offer fuel efficiency or affordability, which is what many millennials are looking for these days.

2. Hudson Motor Car Company

Source: fizkes / iStock via Getty Images
Millennials often want car maintenance to be straightforward, which is isn’t always with these older car companies.
  • Rating: 37%

Hudson Motor Car Company is no longer producing cars. Only about half of millennials know they exist, and even fewer have a high rating of the car company. Parts and maintenance for these older cars can be harder to find, and many millennials prefer more modern options.

1. Daihatsu

Telephone problem. Upset angry millennial male feel outraged by bad wrong work of smartphone app poor weak wifi signal. Worried nervous young man missed business phone call get too much spam messages
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Older cars can be harder to find and tend to be expensive, which keeps many millennials away.
  • Rating: 33%

With the lowest rating on our list, this company’s cars don’t appeal very highly to millennials. They produce mostly small, affordable cars, and it appears that millennials prefer more spacious interiors. Plus, this company has a relatively low reach in some markets, which could also be why they aren’t rated very highly.

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