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15 Least Popular TV Networks According to Millennials: Ranked

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It’s no secret that millennials watch a lot of TV, but that doesn’t mean they like all TV. We dove through YouGov’s survey on the most popular TV networks and found some millennials did not like it!

Below, we’ve listed the 15 lowest-rated TV networks according to millennials. Each listing includes a rating, which is the percentage of millennials who had a positive opinion of the company. Starting at the 15th network, we’ll work our way down to the least-liked network.

Why Does it Matter?

Retro TV In A Room With Ugly 1970s Vintage Wallpaper
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Millennials tend to like streaming services, not old-fashioned TV channels.

TV networks are surprisingly telling when it comes to choosing what to invest in. For instance, golf and soccer channels are rated poorly by Millennials, so it’s likely that they aren’t purchasing much golfing or soccer gear! Of course, you must also consider what other generations watch, like baby boomers

15. Discovery en Espanol

A grizzly bear seen in West Yellowstone, Wyoming at the Grizzly and Wolf Discovery Center as he climbs over rocks looking for food.
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This channel has a lot of wildlife documentaries.
  • Rating: 29%

This Discovery channel focuses on Spanish-language documentaries and reality shows, but it doesn’t seem like the channel resonates much with millennials.

14. Fox Deportes

Source: Steve Bott from Los Angeles, USA / Wikimedia Commons
This is the Spanish version of Fox news.
  • Rating: 28%

This channel is another Spanish-language option that’s mostly aimed at sports lovers. It may be that millennials prefer other ways to keep up with sports, such as through apps or social media.

13. AT&T TV

Source: RiverNorthPhotography / iStock Unreleased via Getty Images
This TV channel isn’t the most popular by a long shot.
  • Rating: 28%

This TV channel is a traditional pay-TV service. Millennials seem to prefer the flexibility of streaming services over traditional media setups. Furthermore, this AT&T TV channel has contracts, which millennials may also not like!

12. The Golf Channel

Golfer putting golf ball on the green golf, lens flare on sun set evening time.
Source: sattahipbeach /
Most millennials prefer other activities to golf.
  • Rating: 28%

The Golf Channel caters specifically to those who like golf, which does not seem to be most millennials. While this channel is widely known by most millennials, the vast majority of them reported not liking it all that much (probably because they do not like golf).

11. INSP

Washington people | Father Carries Son On Hike Through Forest Trail in Pacific Northwest
Source: RyanJLane / E+ via Getty Images
This channel focuses on family-friendly TV shows.
  • Rating: 27%

INSP features inspirational and family-friendly content. For the most part, millennials rated them low, likely because the prefer streaming services or just didn’t like the content.

10. Ovation

Source: SeventyFour / iStock via Getty Images
Those who like art and cultural documentaries may prefer this show.
  • Rating: 27%

Ovation focuses on art and cultural documentaries. It seems that millennials generally don’t like content in this niche, leading to them giving this channel a low rating.

9. BET Her

Young happy beautiful African American woman millennial with curly hair hugs herself to cheer up and get rid of loneliness dressed in casual yellow shirt, stands on isolated purple background.
Source: Bagus Production /
This channel is extremely niche.
  • Rating: 27%

BET Her is a channel aimed at African American women. However, it seems that millennials rate this channel low, whether they are African American or not! It could be that millennials prefer more broad entertainment.

8. BEIN Sports

Source: topseller / Shutterstock
This channel features a lot of soccer.
  • Rating: 27%

BEIN Sports broadcasts international sports with a large focus on soccer. Millennials are likely more interested in American sports leagues.

7. Fave TV

Source: Prostock-Studio / iStock via Getty Images
Millennials prefer streaming services.
  • Rating: 27%

This TV channel curates content from other networks. Most millennials do not know about this channel, which is likely why they are rated so low. Millennials may find this channel’s content limited compared to other options.

6. Quibi

Source: PeopleImages / Getty Images
A lot of millennials get their short videos from elsewhere.
  • Rating: 26%

Quibi is a short-form video streaming platform. However, most millennials have already moved onto other platforms for short-term videos, like TikTok.


Finland | Aerial view of fishing boat with couple in blue summer lake in Finland
Source: wmaster890 / iStock via Getty Images
This channel does a lot of fishing coverage.
  • Rating: 26%

This channel focuses on rodeo events, fishing, hunting, and other rural activities. However, it seems that millennials do not enjoy these pursuits enough to rate this channel highly. They likely prefer other sports and activities.

4. Chiller

Source: Kong Ding Chek / E+ via Getty Images
Millennials like scary movies, but not from this channel.
  • Rating: 26%

Chiller primarily shows horror and suspense movies. For one reason or another, millennials do not rate this channel very highly. It could be that they get their movies more from streaming services than a set channel.

3. Newsy

Source: Jenoche /
Many millennials get news from elsewhere and watch short videos on other apps.
  • Rating: 26%

Newsy delivers short, 2-minute news stories. Millennials likely get their short videos from apps and other services – not a TV channel. Therefore, they tend to give this news channel a pretty low rating. When watching TV, millennials may prefer longer-form videos.

2. El Rey

Source: kasinv / iStock Editorial via Getty Images
Many millennials prefer streaming services.
  • Rating: 25%

El Rey specializes in action and cult classics. Millennials may see the content as dated compared to newer offerings on their streaming platforms. It could also be that millennials just aren’t as interested in these popular, older movies as much as other generations.

1. BEIN Sports Espanol

Source: lev radin / Shuttrstock
Those who don’t like soccer probably won’t like this channel.
  • Rating: 23%

This channel is the Spanish version of BEIN Sports, which millennials also rated poorly. This channel likely got rated even lower because many of the millennials polled did not speak Spanish.


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