Hewlett-Packard And Dell: Copying The Mac

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Hewlett-Packard (HPQ) launched a nifty new line of PCs. Bright black finishes.aluminum moldings, and blue ambient lighting. According to the FT, HP says that it is putting out the new machines because “We wanted to go for an enduring elegance in our design..t should fit comfortably in every room of the house.”

That would be hog wash. Dell (DELL) came out with a similar line of PCs about six months ago. They have been starved for parts and the paint on them does not dry right, but the trend to more "beautiful" computers is well under way. Dell management has said “Across the brand you are going to start to see a design language evolve." No wonder Dell is not doing better. The management has trouble expressing itself clearly.

The new PCs from Dell and HP are all about the Apple (AAPL) Mac. It is, by most counts, the coolest and baddest computer out there. And, it is selling like hot cakes. Piper Jaffray estimates that two million Macs will be sold this month. Mac market share in the US is at 5% and rising.

The big PC companies will never admit that the Mac is behind the move to the hip computer. They don’t have to. All Wall St. needs to do is have a look at the Mac through the window in the local Apple store.

Douglas A. McIntyre