The future of the electric vehicle revolution is here, and it's your golf cart

By David Callaway, Callaway Climate Insights

As a golfer, I’ve seen my share of electric golf carts. Some complete with GPS as well as border controls that use it to prevent you from driving too close to the greens or to environmentally sensitive areas. But my foursome were all dumbstruck last week when, while playing on the California coast at Bodega Bay, we saw a couple zipping down the fairway at about 30 miles an hour.

Turns out many residents of the community had their own souped-up carts for getting around, kind of like in the golfing communities in Florida. I even saw one designed to look like a Cadillac, with headlights, a convertible top, and an open trunk for the golf bags. As our insight in today’s subscriber newsletter highlights, the electric vehicle revolution is booming in the golf cart business, led in part by Ingersoll Rand (IR). Perhaps a preview of what is to come for local transportation.

Anything to get us to the 19th hole faster.

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