7 Home Improvement Projects to Do Before Summer Ends

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Once the Labor Day holiday weekend is past, most of us think that’s the end of summer. Technically, though, you have a few more weeks until the equinox and, in many areas of the country, a few more weeks of decent weather.

Why not use the time to make some of those home improvements that you’ve been putting off all summer so that you could go fishing, golfing or sailing?

The pros at Realtor.com have come up with a list of seven projects that could be completed by the time the snow flies. They note, too, that the home improvement stores could have marked down many of the materials you’ll need to do these projects, so you’ve saved some money by dallying. How often can you say that?

Here are seven projects that you could undertake right now. Some are inexpensive and some are not, but all could make the onset of winter a little more palatable.

Plant a vegetable garden. Carrots, cabbage, beets, kale and bok choy are just some of the vegetables you could plant now and harvest before the first frost. You might also consider building your own greenhouse.

Update patio furnishings. Patio furniture will be on sale this time of year in most stores. Lawn mowers are also a good buy at this time of year.

Spruce up landscaping. Get a pro to help you figure out some simple things that could enhance the look of your home. Remember, good landscaping may add significantly to the value of your home if you decide to sell it, and doing the work a bit at a time makes it easier to handle.

Install an outdoor shower. Need to wash off a muddy dog or a few muddy kids who’ve been having too much summer fun? Outdoor showers have become quite popular as an amenity that is both attractive and holds value.

Renovate the deck. Now is a good time for deck repair and maintenance, particularly if you live someplace where you can use the deck year-round. Check for rot or cracks in the decking and restain if that’s what’s needed.

Replace the outdoor grill. Barbecue season is ending and with it prices on new grills and grilling supplies will go down. If you’ve been looking to upgrade, now’s a good time.

Install a swimming pool. A big ticket item, certainly, but also one on that you could get a deal from pool builders who are approaching the end of their prime building season. And that pool will be ready for use next summer!