The Week In Stockhouse, April 7-11

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Wall Street opened the week flat, ahead of the weeks’ earnings, despite a rise in the financial sector. Weak earnings, a dismal global financial assessment from the IMF, and deepening worries about the American economy kept U.S. stocks down most of the week. Thursday saw Wall Street boosted by a positive forecast for discount retailers. The TSX remained mostly up during the week on commodities, despite fears about the U.S. economic outlook. However, the North American markets closed down Friday on weak earnings from GE and lower-than-expected consumer confidence.

On Monday…
Danny Deadlock invited you to see beyond the regular metals and look at tin, along with Adex, a junior miner focusing on this rarely discussed market.
Boris Sobolev reported on the “Systemic Financial Crisis” in the US, and its implications for gold.
Luke Brocki looked at the PowerShares Global Nuclear Energy Portfolio, a new nuclear ETF, and reported on uranium spot prices.
Darryl Robert Schoon wrote about the correction or the collapse of gold.
Then on Tuesday…
In the Mid-day Minute, Mike Paulenoff looked to long the Russell 2000 ETF.
SH member Horsesmouth2U reported on an “information meeting” held by Far West Mining earlier this week.
Michael R. Mapa gave us the first quarter gold market summary.
In Inflation or deflation?, Louis James interviewed Casey Research chief economist Bud Conrad.
On Wednesday…
Steven Saville returned with the next word on Gary North’s claim that the Fed is deflating.
SH member littleguy123 wrote about the real “Goldilocks Economy”.
The Russell 2000 ETF had a relatively subdued pullback, in the Mid-day Minute.
In Finding the sweet spot, Paul Gill provided ten tips to rational and not-so-rational speculative investing.
SH Market Reporter Robert Arber discussed online debating etiquette in North versus Saville: You wouldn’t like me when I’m angry.
In A golden bottom, Roy Martens believed that the environment for gold and silver is getting better and better from an inflationary perspective.
On Thursday…
The Mid-day Minute asked, is gold finished with its recovery rally?
Joseph Hargett of Schaeffer’s Research looked at and its ability to maintain its current uptrend.
Tom Konrad investigated at a clean way to play extreme peak oil scenarios.
Finally, on Friday…
In Financially Fit, Nancy Zambell explained a few changes to tax laws that may help with your deductions.
In U.S. currency exchange: a likely road map for the greenback, Bob Wong explained why the US dollar may climb in 2009.
Preet Banerjee explained why it sometimes pays to waive the executor’s fee if you are a beneficiary of that estate.