America'a Most Beloved And Hated CEOs

Glassdoor keeps tabs on employee impressions of management and work conditions at major companies. The survey site has more than one million users who review over 70,000 firms. These companies represent all industries, 100% of the Dow Jones Industrials, and 98% of the Fortune 500.

Glassdoor recently completed a survey which creates what it calls its “CEO Watch List”. It is not surprising that among the firms with detested CEOs are operations that have a history of bad management, layoffs, and investor frustration. Many of the companies also get low marks from the Glassdor corporate rating system.

Dillard’s (NYSE:DDS) has had a history of same store sales declines and layoffs. CEO Bill Dillard II is disliked by his employees. So is Glenn Tilton of United (NASDAQ:UAUA) and Julian Day at Radio Shack (NYSE:RSH), another faltering retailer. In the same category, W. Bruce Johnson at Sears (NASDAQ: SHLD) is held in remarkably low esteem.

The top of the list is filled with companies that have had long successful runs as business and are often led by inspirational CEOs; Steve Jobs at Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL), Gary Kelly at Southwest (NYSE:LUV), and Eric Schmidt at Google (NASDAQ:GOOG). The biggest surprise at the top end of the highest rated CEO list is Lloyd Blankfein of Goldman Sachs (NYSE:GS). He does make his employees a lot of money.

The rest of the list:

Company Company Rating CEO CEO Approval Rating Lowest Rated Company
Frost & Sullivan 2.2 Krishna Srinivasan 3%
LexisNexis 2.3 Andy Prozes 7% Yes
Xilinx 2.2 Moshe Gavrielov 10% Yes
United Airlines 2.0 Glenn F. Tilton 11% Yes
Rain Bird 2.2 Anthony LaFetra 11% Yes
CSAA Inter-Insurance Bureau 2.4 James R. Pouliot 11%
Nortel Networks 2.8 Mike S. Zafirovski 11%
Dillard’s 2.3 Bill Dillard II 12%
Delphi 2.7 Rodney O’Neal 13%
RadioShack 2.3 Julian C. Day 14% Yes
Level 3 Communications 2.3 Jim Crowe 14% Yes
Gibson Guitar 1.9 Henry E. Juszkiewicz 14% Yes
Panduit 2.4 Jack Caveney 15% Yes
Affiliated Computer Services 2.3 Lynn R. Blodgett 15% Yes
Spherion 2.2 Roy G. Krause 16% Yes
Corporate Executive Board 2.6 Thomas L. Monahan III 18%
Kimberly-Clark 2.8 Tom Falk 18%
Sears 2.7 W. Bruce Johnson 18%
Rite Aid 2.5 Mary F. Sammons 19%
Gannett 2.6 Craig A. Dubow 19%
Pfizer 3.0 Jeff Kindler 19%
eBay 2.8 John J. Donahoe 20%
Sun Microsystems 3.2 Jonathan I. Schwartz 20%
Office Depot 2.7 Steve Odland 20%
Amgen 3.1 Kevin W. Sharer 20%
Glassdoor Report: Highest Rated CEOs as of 1/1/10
Company Company Rating CEO CEO Approval Rating Best Place to Work
General Mills 4.4 Ken Powell 96% Yes
Southwest Airlines 4.7 Gary C. Kelly 94% Yes
Apple 3.8 Steve Jobs 91% Yes
Northwestern Mutual 4.0 Edward J. Zore 90% Yes
Procter & Gamble 4.0 A.G. Lafley 87% Yes
Goldman Sachs 3.8 Lloyd C. Blankfein 86% Yes
Google 3.9 Eric E. Schmidt 86% Yes
BlackRock 3.3 Laurence D. Fink 84%
CareerBuilder 3.8 Matt Ferguson 82% Yes
FactSet 3.8 Philip A. Hadley 81%
Chevron 3.9 Dave O’Reilly 80% Yes
Edelman 3.7 Richard W. Edelman 80% Yes
Rackspace 3.9 A. Lanham Napier 79% Yes 4.0 Patrick M. Byrne 79%
Marriott 3.7 Bill Marriott Jr. 78% Yes
Scottrade 3.7 Rodger O. Riney 78% Yes
USAA 3.5 Joe Robles Jr. 77%
Edward Jones 3.8 Jim Weddle 77% Yes
National Instruments 3.7 James J. Truchard 76% Yes
Schlumberger 3.6 Andrew Gould 75% Yes
Costco Wholesale 3.5 Jim Sinegal 75%
Netflix 3.5 Reed Hastings 75%
Caterpillar 3.6 Jim Owens 74% Yes 3.6 Marc Benioff 73%
Citrix Systems 3.6 Mark B. Templeton 73%

Douglas A. McIntyre

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