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iShares IV Public Limited Company - iShares Digital Security UCITS ETF is headquartered in London, Greater London, United Kingdom.

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Sears finds itself under the gun yet again as bankruptcy fears seem to be taking over. While the firm has gone nowhere but down in recent memory, bankruptcy appears all but imminent. may split its second headquarters between two cities, Time magazine has a new CEO, and other important business headlines.
Reuters reported exclusively Monday morning that Sears Chair Eddie Lampert is seeking a partner to provide an additional $300 million loan to help finance the company's bankruptcy.
There is an old saying in business: "You cannot cut your way to profitability." The recent plan for Sears to survive is based on just that.
Sears, Weyerhaeuser, Laredo Petroleum, and Exelixis were among the stocks posting new 52-week lows Monday.
The future may be grim for Sears, but that does not mean the brand is dead. There is precedent for selling the Sears name.
Saudi Arabia's stock market craters, Sears files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, two major defense companies may merge, and other important business headlines.
When old-line retailers begin to crumble and then go under, the major culprit for causing the demise is usually identified as For Sears, that is only moderately true.
As people read about the chance that Sears Holdings Corp (NASDAQ: SHLD) will close all its stores, the story about the individual locations and people who work in them gets lost. One example is the...
A Sears liquidation would cost as many as 130,000 jobs, which is about what the U.S. economy added in September.
World oil production hits a record level, Facebook shuts off a number of accounts, and other important business headlines.
Legendary retailer Sears is looking for a savior before loan repayments of some $134 million come due. There are two competitors for the honor, including the store's CEO and largest investor.
Sears Holdings is expected to file for bankruptcy protection by the end of the week, drawing to a close a 125-year long chapter in American retailing. discontinues controversial hiring tool, Google appeals huge EU fine, Sears finally may file for Chapter 11, and other important business headlines.
Sears shares slid slightly after the company announced its newest addition to the board of directors, an advisor with experience in organizational change.