The Fifteen Nations With The Highest Unemployment In The World

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15) The Republic Of Burundi

– Population: 9,863,117

– Unemployment Rate: 14%

– % Unemployed over 14: 15.8% (950,607)

– Per Capita GDP: $138

Burundi is  in one of the last parts of Africa to be colonized by a European power, and was a Belgian colony for only 39 years, becoming independent in 1962. Brutal civil war between Hutu and Tutsi ethnic groups between 1993 and 2005 dramatically increased the poverty rate from 48% to 67%. Like several other countries with high unemployment, life expectancy, literacy rates and GDP Per Capita are much lower than most countries in the “developed world.” Burundi ranks 167 out of 177 on the 2005 UNICEF Human Development Index, which measures a nation’s infrastructure and relative standard of living.

14) The Tunisia Republic

– Population: 10,589,125

– Unemployment Rate: 14.2%

– % Unemployed Over 14: 59% (4,766,861)

– Per Capita GDP: $8,020

Tunisia was a French colony and protectorate until 1956, when it gained independence. Zine El Abidine Ben Ali has been president of the republic, which effectively functions as a dictatorship, since 1987.  Tunisia ranks 141st out of 167 on the Economist’s Democracy Index, and is classified as an authoritarian regime.

13) The Republic Of Croatia

– Population: 4,486,881

– Unemployment Rate: 14.8%

– % Unemployed Over 14: 54.1% (2,056,010)

– Per Capita GDP: $15,628

The region that is now known as Croatia was part of Yugoslavia until 1990, when it held its first independent elections. The Yugoslav wars decimated Croatia’s economy in the early 90s and between 1989 and 1993, the nation’s GDP fell 40.5%. Since the end of the conflicts, Croatia has stabilized and tourism has helped buoy the war-torn economy. Along with Macedonia and Turkey, the Balkan nation is  a candidate for EU membership.

12) The Republic Of Yemen

– Population: 23,485,361

– Unemployment Rate: 16.1%

– % Unemployed Over 14: 61% (7,997,351)

– Per Capita GDP: $870

The Republic of Yemen was formed in 1990 when the Yemen Arab Republic and the People’s Democratic Republic of Yemen joined. The nation is now a parliamentary republic under Ali Abdullah Saleh. Since its civil war in 1994, Yemen’s industry has struggled. Recently, improved oil exports have helped strengthen the foundering economy.

11) Georgia

– Population: 4,600,825

– Unemployment Rate: 16.5%

– % Unemployed Over 14: 45.7% (1,208,982)

– Per Capita GDP: $4,400

Georgia was part of the Soviet Union until 1991.  Between gaining independence and forming a Democratic Republic in 1995, national GDP shrunk 70%.  A civil war in the 1990s and a brief conflict with Russia in 2008 have hindered Georgia’s economic growth.