The 21 Companies That Exclude Women From Leadership

17.) Republic Services (RSG)
Republic Services, based in Phoenix, collects, transfers, and disposes of nonhazardous, solid waste in the United States.
-Company lists no women on management team.

18.) Shaw Group (SHAW)
The Shaw Group is “a diverse engineering, construction, technology, fabrication, environmental and industrial services organization,” that currently employs approximately 27,000 employees around the world, according to the company.
-Company lists no women on management team.

19.) Sonic Automotive (SAH)
Sonic Automotive is an automobile retailer which operates numerous auto dealerships throughout the United States.
-Company lists no women on management team.

20.) Tesoro (TSO)
Tesoro is an oil company that markets and refines petroleum products, dividing the company into two segments: Refining and Retail.
-Susan A. Lerette – Senior VP of Human Resources

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21.) World Fuel Services (INT)
World Fuel Services sell marine, aviation, and land fuel products, along with related services, throughout the world.
-Company lists no women on management team

Methodology from Catalyst: The survey includes 497 of the fortune 500 companies. Among the companies, 14.4% of the executive officers were women based on the SEC proxy designation of “executive management”. Among the companies, 15.7% of the board members were women.

Douglas A. McIntyre, Charles Stockdale