The 100 Least Powerful People In The World

71. Silvio Berloscunni
> Prime Minister of Italy
> The second longest-serving prime minister in the history of the country. Charged with mafia collusion, tax fraud, false accounting, corruption and bribery of police officers. Currently the subject of a sex scandal investigation involving underage girls.

72. Robert Reding
> Executive Vice President of Operations, American Airlines
> Has earned his company the worst customer satisfaction score in an industry known for terrible customer satisfaction.

73. Ron Marshall
> CEO of Borders
> See Blockbuster.

74. Dov Charney
> Founder and CEO of American Apparel
> Has been too busy fighting sexual harassment lawsuits to properly run his company. American Apparel stock dropped from $3.62 to a pathetic $0.66 this year.

75. Terry Jones
> Pastor
> Wins 2010’s 15 Minutes of Fame Award. The theologian planned the “Burn A Quran Day” on September 11th in response to an Islamic Center being built near the World Trade Center site. No Qurans were burned, although his spokesman said he did burn a Quran privately.

76. Mary Bell
> President of the Wisconsin Education Association Council
> Union thrashed on national stage as Governor’s efforts result in rescinding collective bargaining rights. No justice, no peace.

77. Joseph Zen Ze-kiun
> Ranking Catholic Bishop in China
> Runs the operation of the world’s largest religious organization in the world’s most populous nation, where, by the way, some religious practice is banned.

78. Kim Pyong-ryul
> Chief Justice of North Korean Central Court
>Job description is an oxymoron: runs the justice wing of a nation that has no justice. Kim Jong Il is president for life and will shortly be succeeded by his son.

79. Sharif Ahmed
> President of Somalia
> Leader of a nation run by pirates.

80. Sari Horwitz
> Washington Post Writer/Pulitzer Prize Winner
> Pulitzer-Prize winning Washington Post reporter was caught after committing multiple acts of plagiarism. The Post suspended Horwitz for three months.