The 100 Least Powerful People In The World

81. Kathleen Parker
> Journalist
> Went from being Pulitzer-Prize winning columnist from the Washington Post to set prop for the former Governor with a questionable past.

82. Terry Gou
> CEO of Foxconn
> FoxConn is the leading parts supplier for the most popular consumer product — the iPhone. Coverage of suicides at plants has driven customers away.

83. Eric Schmidt
> Executive Chairman of Google
> Former CEO of Google demoted to Chairman by billionaire co-founders who want to take a more active role.

84. Andrew Lees
> Head of Windows Mobile 7
> Runs the least successful mobile operating system. Recent partnership with faltering Nokia greatest deal to date.

85. Mikhail Khodorkovsky
> Russian Oligarch
> Formerly #16 on the Forbes World’s Billionaires list, now serving nine year sentence in prison for fraud and tax evasion.

86. Yiannis Ragousis
> Greek Minister for the Interior
> Supposed to preserve cultural unity in Greece. Country’s austerity measures resulted in violent riots among the citizenry.

87. Laura “Dr. Laura” Schlessinger
> Radio Talk Show Host
> Dr. Laura, as her radio fans call her, used a racial slur multiple times in a single call and had her nationally syndicated show canceled.

88. Moshe Katzav
> Former President of Israel
> Found guilty of sexual assault of two former employees, sentenced to seven years in prison.

89. Graham Lintott
> Vice-Marshal of the New Zealand Air Force
> The Royal New Zealand Air Force is comically small, featuring only a few helicopters and transport planes. Any single American fighter pilot has more fire power under his command.

90. Patrick Donahoe
> Postmaster General
> Postal Service suffered a $329 million loss in the first quarter. Currently considering the elimination of Saturday mail delivery and layoffs into the thousands.