Google Is World’s Most Valuable Brand at $246 Billion

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Consultancy BrandZ came out with its annual list of the 100 most valuable brands. Alphabet Inc.’s (NASDAQ: GOOGL) Google led the list at $246 billion.

Google was followed by Apple Inc. (NASDAQ: AAPL) at $234 billion, Microsoft Corp. (NASDAQ: MSFT) at $143 billion. Amazon was fourth at $139 billion. In terms of market capitalization, the four are the most valuable public companies.

Facebook Inc. (NASDAQ: FB) followed the tech companies with a brand value of $130 billion.

The consultancy said in a press release:

This year, the total brand value of the Top 100 brands has risen +8% to $3.64 trillion, compared with +3% in 2016, while the number of brands worth more than $100bn has increased from six to nine. The total brand value of the ranking is up +152% from 2006 (its first year), as its composition has shifted towards innovative, consumer-focused technology brands with huge reach and brand-building power. The BrandZ Top 10 in 2017 are worth almost as much as the entire Top 100 in 2006 ($1.42tn vs $1.44tn), and have grown +249% in value, compared with +152% for the Top 100 as a whole.

It added:

The 2017 ranking shows that the balance of power has truly tipped towards the consumer-focused technology brands that develop ecosystems that cater to many needs, simplifying an increasingly complex world. More than half of the Top 100’s total brand value is contributed by technology-related brands (a definition that includes telecoms and online retailers), up from a third in 2006, and these have grown +16% in the last year compared with +4% for non-tech brands.

The BrandZ Top 10 Most Valuable Global Brands 2017

Rank 2017 Brand Category Brand value ($M) Change Rank 2016
1 Google Technology 245,581 +7% 1
2 Apple Technology 234,671 +3% 2
3 Microsoft Technology 143,222 +18% 3
4 Amazon Retail 139,286 +41% 7
5 Facebook Technology 129,800 +27% 5
6 AT&T Telecom providers 115,112 +7% 4
7 Visa Payments 110,999 +10% 6
8 Tencent Technology 108,292 +27% 11
9 IBM Technology 102,088 +18% 10
10 McDonald’s Fast food 97,723 +10% 9