Hunger Games Larger Than Twilight? (LGF)

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Lions Gate Entertainment Corporation (NYSE: LGF) appears to have a hit on its hands with The Hunger Games movie series which is about to start this coming weekend.  It appears that the series could be larger than the extremely popular teen vampire series Twilight.

This movie is possibly going to have a $100 million opening weekend if the hype and figure are accurate.  Fandango noted that the IMAX release is currently only slated for one week because the Wrath of the Titans is expected to take its place.

By the Lions Gate acquisition of Summer for the Twilight saga rights and final movie due later this year, the production house gets to market the film to the same fans under the same platforms.

Lions Gate rose almost 8% to $14.25 on reports that thousands of theaters worth of tickets have already sold out for the opening weekend.  The shares have traded in a 52-week range of $5.76 to $14.46.

It looks like Jim Cramer may be right about Lions Gate being a $15.00 stock after all.