Nike and Other Sponsors See Comeback in Tiger Woods Success

Tiger Woods, who may be the best golfer in history, has been hampered by injuries for the better part of two years and has not won since the 2013 WGC Bridgestone Invitational. He finds himself one shot out of the lead at the Valspar Championship, followed by tens of thousands of people on the course, and millions via television. His sponsors, who have gotten little exposure recently have started to get an explosion of attention. This could continue throughout the year, and beyond if Tiger is in the mix for the balance of the PGA season.

Most people, including probably Woods himself, did not think his game would turn so positive so quickly. He is now a favorite to win golf’s most storied tournament–the Masters. He has a total of 79 PGA tour wins over his career, ahead of the 72 Jack Nicklaus won, and three behind Sam Snead, who won his 82 over a 30-year career. Woods has been on the tour for 18 years. Woods current comeback has also rekindled the discussion of whether he can catch Jack Nicklaus in total wins at majors (The British Open, Masters, U.S. Open, and PGA)  Nichlaus has 18 and Woods 14.

Woods most predominant sponsor and most loyal is Nike (NYSE: NKE). It has an army of endorsements across every major sport in the world. But, Woods has been the marque golfer on its list. Nike stands to gain the most from the attention Woods has started to receive.

Another big name in sports equipment should have a pick up in expose, and sales, because of Woods success. TaylorMade is among the world’s leaders in golf club and golf ball sales.  Woods has an unusual golf ball endorsement. He uses balls made by Bridgestone, a Japanese rubber company founded in 1931. It is in the process of trying to break into the U.S. golf ball market which is dominated by Titleist, Top Flight, Callaway, and TaylorMade.

Among Wood’s better know sponsors Monster Energy (NASDAQ: MNST), which makes energy drinks. It also has a long line of athletes it sponsors from car racers to boxers.

Woods is also sponsored by Upper Deck, a trading card company, and Full Swing, which makes golf simulation equipment

Well-known or not each of the companies on the Woods sponsor list is about to get an avalanche of exposure.