Average Super Bowl Ticket Price Hits $8130

The day after the two Conference Championships, the ticket markets have started to set prices for Superbowl LIII in Atlanta. The average price per ticket today to see the Rams versus the Patriots in Superbowl LIII hit $8,130.

All commentary about ticket prices come from 24/7 price partner TicketIQ which summed up other trends for Superbowl ticket prices:

Prices currently start at $3,000 which is the second-highest get-in prices on championship Sunday and the second highest average price on Championship Sunday
The most expensive non-suite ticket for LIII is $15,000, while the most expensive suite is currently listed for $475,000. Below is the cheapest ticket in each zone
Over the last 10 years, prices have dropped an average of 6.7% in the 2 weeks leading up to the game (15% ex. 2015)
Average and get-in prices are down 12% over the last four days
There are currently 2,300 tickets available for sale in the secondary market, 280% higher than the 800 tickets listed last year at the same point.
As a point of comparison to the last time LA and Boston faced off in a championship, the average price for the 2018 World Series across both LA and Boston was $1,200

Regarding the history of tickets over the last decade:

Tickets for Super Bowl LIII are poised to be one of the most expensive sports ticket in history. According to data from, Super Bowl tickets are currently trending at $8,130, which will make them the most expensive of the decade by a long shot. The average asking price rose from $6,108 before the AFC and NFC conference championships were set. The next most expensive Super Bowl of the last 10 years was last year’s when fans paid $7,277 on the secondary market to see the Philadelphia Eagles beat the New England Patriots in Minneapolis.

Though tickets usually become less expensive as an event gets closer, the trend has been up, though that could change depending on which of the NFL’s “final four” get to the Super Bowl. A New England Patriots-New Orleans Saints matchup would likely be the priciest of the scenarios.

Last year, the average asking price increased from $8,024 to $9,060 between four weeks and two weeks out from the date of the Super Bowl. Prices dipped significantly by one week before the game, to $5,339, before jumping up to $7,277 on game day. The trend was similar, but even more pronounced in 2017.