Costco's Chicken Bakes and 9 Other Customer Favorites

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Costco is known for its great value and unique offerings. If you’re part of this members-only club, you have access to incredible deals and signature products. Looking for the best Costco products to try? Here are ten of Costco’s customer favorite items.

1. Chicken Bake

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Costco’s chicken bakehas become a fan favorite over the years. The savory meal consists of a hand-rolled crust stuffed with chicken breast strips, mozzarella, provolone, parmesan, smoky bacon, Caesar dressing, and green onions. The bakes are individually wrapped and microwavable for convenience.

2. Three Berry Blend Frozen Fruit

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For smoothie lovers, Kirkland’s Three Berry Blend FrozenFruit is a must-have. This 4lb affordable bag contains raspberries, blueberries, and blackberries, the ideal blend for any frozen drink or smoothie bowl. Additionally, it’s a good source of both vitamin C and fiber. 

3. Rotisserie Chicken

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Costco’s rotisserie chicken is another affordable and convenient item. Sold for only $4.99, the precooked bird is perfect to add to prepped meals or as a base for family dinners. In fact, a common Costco life hack is to use rotisserie chicken for meal prep. Many love the freshness and savory taste of Costco’s rotisserie chickens. However, the members-only club has received some backlash recently as it changed the packaging of its chickens, which are now sold in bags. While Costco’s intention was to reduce waste, customers claim the bag easily rips or leaks.

4. Milk Chocolate Almonds

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Costco sells Kirkland Signature Almondsin a variety of flavors, but the milk chocolate variety is one of the most popular. The roasted almonds are covered in creamy, decadent milk chocolate, packing the perfect blend of sweet and savory that customers cannot resist.

5. Peanut Butter-Filled Pretzel Nuggets

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Another favorite Costco snack is the Kirkland Signature Peanut Butter Filled Pretzel Nuggets. Like the milk chocolate almonds, this popular item is both sweet and salty, catering to a wide audience. The outer pretzel shell is salted to perfection, and the inner peanut butter nugget practically melts in your mouth.

6. Cape Cod Chicken Salad

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Most Costco shoppers know and love the Cape Cod Chicken Salad

sold exclusively at Costco. This refreshing chicken salad includes white meat chicken breast, cranberries, pecans, and honey. Spread it on crackers or place it over a bed of lettuce and enjoy its delicious, addictive taste.

7. Animal Crackers

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Kirkland Signature Organic Animal Crackersare a favorite snack for many. Whether you eat them by themselves, dip them into peanut butter or icing, or even use them as toppings on yogurt, you can’t go wrong with the slightly sweet taste of these organic treats.

8. Egg Bites

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While Costco has offered Starbucks egg bites for quite some time, the chain now also sells its own brand of Kirkland egg bites. The new sous vide egg bites come in two different flavors: Egg White with Cheese Trio & Roasted Red Pepper and Uncured Bacon & Gouda. Packing 11g and 17g of protein in one serving, respectively, they’re a convenient breakfast option for those who are on the go.

9. Nut Bars

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Costco offers its own Kirkland Signature Nut Bars, which make for delicious and nutritious breakfast or snack options. Topped with cocoa drizzle and sea salt, the sweet and salty bar — which has 5g of protein per serving — is both kosher and gluten-free.

10. Whole Bean Coffee

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Kirkland Signature Whole Bean Coffeeoffers a robust, rich flavor. If you’re an avid coffee drinker, you can save by buying your coffee in bulk at Costco. Customers love the value they get by purchasing the 2.5lb bag for a fraction of the cost they'd pay at other supermarkets. 

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Costco offers a variety of exclusive products at affordable prices. The above ten items are some of the most popular fan-favorites.

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