Uber suffers two blows as Grubhub goes with another suitor and California regulator rules drivers are employees.
A new California Public Utilities Commission ruling on Thursday does not favor Lyft and its competitors. What's next?
Starbucks said it will close 400 stores due to the pandemic. That means the location people visit now may be gone, and many customers will need to find another one or stop going to Starbucks.
Amazon goes from strength to strength even as some criticize its market dominance and others its stance on social issues.
The merger between Uber and Grubhub appears to be off the table. A new challenger has entered the ring.
As Americans begin to discover what their “new normal” will look like, Shopify seems likely to be one of the companies that will maintain its pandemic gains.
Things are looking better for Uber as the ride-hailing business starts to recover, but the timeline to profitability may depend on a deal for Grubhub.
Dunkin' Brands has announced plans to hire a huge number of employees to help with the current unemployment situation in the country.
Stitch Fix released disappointing fiscal third-quarter financial results and no guidance after the markets closed on Monday.
Online personal styling service Stitch Fix is scheduled to release its fiscal third-quarter financial results after the markets close on Monday. Analysts are calling for a net loss.
Digital Ally shares jumped to start the week after the company announced that it would be launching a body camera subscription program for police and other first responders.
Tesla CEO Elon Musk has echoed the calls of the White House and members of Congress that be broken up. How would that work? Would it be bad for investors?
Workplace messaging service Slack posted solid first-quarter results Thursday night, but investors were less than impressed.
It has been such a busy week for that it's hard to know what to look at first. The new cheap debt? The cargo planes? A potential investment in India?
Uber's food delivery business revenues could more than double this year, but is that enough to offset ride-hailing declines? Would acquiring Grubhub help or hurt?