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10 Most Affordable Neighborhoods With the Best Schools

7. Briarwood School
> House payment pct. median income: 13.90%
> City: Rochester, NY
> Zip code: 14617
> Pct. above state test score avg.: 94%
> Avg. home price: $114,562

Families who live in Rochester and send their children to Briarwood School have the benefit of a quality primary school, affordable homes, low unemployment rates, and a well-educated community. Over the five years prior to 2012, more than 43% of adults in the area had at least a bachelor’s degree, versus the national rate of 28.5%. More zip codes with affordable housing and strong-performing schools were located in New York than in any other state, and Briarwood was one of three top schools reviewed by RealtyTrac located in Monroe County. In such company, Briarwood students still stood out with 2013 test scores nearly double those of their peers statewide.

6. Pine Brook Elementary School
> House payment pct. median income: 13.34%
> City: Rochester, NY
> Zip code: 14616
> Pct. above state test score avg.: 51%
> Avg. home price: $89,326

Even though a typical household earns less than an estimated $51,000 annually — less than the national median — area residents were more than able to afford housing. Over the 12 months before October 14th, an average home in the Rochester area cost $89,326, one of the lower home prices reviewed by RealtyTrac. Typical home payments were 13.34% of the median income, more affordable than the vast majority of areas reviewed. And while adults in the area were less likely than those nationwide to have completed a bachelor’s degree, students attending Pine Brook Elementary scored more than 50% higher on standardized tests than the rest of New York.

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5. Pinehurst Elementary School
> House payment pct. median income: 12.98%
> City: Lakeview, NY
> Zip code: 14085
> Pct. above state test score avg.: 52%
> Avg. home price: $153,143

Pinehurst Elementary in Lakeview is one of five high-performing schools in New York State that is located in an extremely affordable market. Home payments on a typical home in the area are estimated to cost just 13% of income, a very low amount, and residents are generally very capable of making payments. The area’s median household income was estimated at nearly $90,000, while its poverty rate was just 6.1% over the five years before 2012. By comparison, the U.S. had a median income of $53,046 and a poverty rate of 14.9% over that period. The area also boasts a largely well-educated population, with 34% of adults over 25 holding at least a bachelor’s degree and 12.8% having earned a graduate or professional degree, both far higher than the national rates.