The Largest Employer in Each State

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11. Hawaii

The University of Hawaii employs approximately 28,500 workers, making it the state’s largest employer. The university spans 10 campuses and enrolls more than 60,000 students.

Bosie, Idaho
12. Idaho

St. Luke’s Health System is the largest employer in Idaho with 12,761 employees across 12 major facilities. St. Luke’s is the only nonprofit health system based in Idaho, and it cares for more than 163,000 patients each year.

 Chicago, Illinois 2

13. Illinois

Wal-Mart employed 51,137 people in Illinois in 197 locations as of the end of last year, a higher headcount than any other employer in the state. The minimum hourly wage for roughly 500,000 Wal-Mart workers nationwide will increase to $9 beginning in April. The increase will likely raise the average hourly wage of $13.08 at the end of 2014 for Illinois Wal-Mart associates.

Indianapolis, Indiana
14. Indiana

With more than 60,000 employees, Indiana University and its associated medical center is the largest employer in the state. The university has eight campuses throughout Indiana. The 3,098-bed medical center had 2,111 physicians as part of its employee count.

Dubuque, Iowa
15. Iowa

WIth approximately 22,500 employees at its campuses, hospitals, and clinics, the University of Iowa is the largest employer in the state. In January, the AIB College of Business announced it would become the University’s new Des Moines campus.