Special Report

The Largest Employer in Every State

Michael B. Sauter, Thomas C. Frohlich, Evan Comen, Samuel Stebbins

A diverse array of companies is essential for a state to maintain a stable and healthy labor market. Some companies, however, impact a state’s economy and labor market far more than others.

In almost every case, a state’s government is its largest employer. However, government employment is spread across various organizations. In each state, there is one company or public institution that employs the most people. 24/7 Wall St. reviewed data from a range of sources in order to identify the largest employers in each state.

1. Alabama
> Largest employer:
> Employee headcount: 37,537

Providing jobs for more than 37,537 people as of March 4th, 2016, Walmart is the largest employer in Alabama. The company claims that full-time employees in the state earn an average of $13.12 per hour. However, that figure will soon increase. Walmart workers will benefit from a broad initiative beginning in early 2016 to improve opportunities and morale, including a pay raise.

As in many other states, Walmart’s presence in Alabama is weakening slightly. The company closed nine brick-and-mortar stores in January 2016.