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The Largest Employer in Each State

Tulsa, Oklahoma
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36. Oklahoma

Wal-Mart employed 31,096 people in Oklahoma at the end of last year, more than any other employer in the state. The company purchases millions of dollars worth of supplies throughout the region. The company claims to have helped generate an additional 18,438 jobs in the region, as a result.

Portland, Oregon
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37. Oregon

With more than 18,000 employees, Providence Health & Services is Oregon’s largest employer. The nonprofit health system operates in four additional states, employing a total of more than 71,000 workers. Across all locations, the system provides services to roughly 20,000 people daily.

Philadelphia at night, Pennsylvania
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38. Pennsylvania

The University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, a vertically integrated health care provider, is the largest employer in Pennsylvania with 60,000 employees. UPMC provides health insurance in addition to medical care. In its 2014 fiscal year, UPMC admitted more than 287,000 patients.

Providence, Rhode Island
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39. Rhode Island

The Lifespan system of hospitals is one of three health systems in Rhode Island. An estimated 13,635 state residents were employed throughout the system’s four hospitals, more than at any other company in Rhode Island. According to the company’s most recent annual report, Lifespan is the largest and its hospitals are among the most visited in Rhode Island.

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
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40. South Carolina

South Carolina’s 104 Wal-Mart locations had a total of 26,829 employees at the end of last year. No other company in the state employed more residents. To supply its stores in the state, Wal-Mart spent $1.1 billion in its most recent fiscal year, which the retailer claimed helped support an additional 20,488 jobs in the area. The average wage of a Wal-Mart worker in South Carolina was $12.76 an hour in November 2014.