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12 States That Kill the Most Animals

9. Minnesota
> Total live weight slaughtered (lbs.):
5.31 billion
> Pct. of national production: 4.0%
>Most slaughtered animal (lbs): Hog
> Animal slaughtering employment: 16,060 (14th highest)

Minnesota slaughtered 5.31 billion pounds of live meat in 2013, 4% of the national total. The meat industry in Minnesota is reasonably diverse, producing large amounts of cattle, hogs, chicken, and turkey. While hogs are the number one meat produced in Minnesota, the state is the biggest producer of turkey in the nation. In 2013, Minnesota slaughtered 42.6 million turkeys, more than 17% of the national total of roughly 238 million turkeys. This comprised more than 20% of Minnesota’s total meat slaughter by weight.

8. Alabama
> Total live weight slaughtered (lbs.):
5.66 billion
> Pct. of national production: 4.3%
>Most slaughtered animal (lbs): Chicken
> Animal slaughtering employment: 22,650 (7th highest)

The meat industry in Alabama is almost entirely devoted to chicken slaughter, with chicken making up more than 99% of the state’s total meat production. In 2013, the state slaughtered just over 1 billion chickens, for a total weight of nearly 5.7 billion pounds. More than 22,500 people were employed in animal slaughter and processing, 1.22% of all workers in the state. By contrast, just 0.4% of the American workforce was employed in animal slaughtering and processing. In 2013, more than 44,000 animals were slaughtered per animal slaughter worker, a dramatically higher ratio than most states and second only to West Virginia.

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7. Arkansas
> Total live weight slaughtered (lbs.):
6.03 billion
> Pct. of national production: 4.6%
>Most slaughtered animal (lbs): Chicken
> Animal slaughtering employment: 29,340 (4th highest)

Nearly 11% of the nationwide weight of chickens killed were slaughtered in Arkansas, where more than 871 million young chickens were slaughtered last year, the third highest such kill count in the country. Poultry accounted for nearly all of the meat production in the state, with roughly 90% coming from chickens and the rest mostly from turkey. Still, nearly 10% of national turkey meat was produced in Arkansas. Food manufacturing is a major employer in the state, with 3.7% of workers employed in the industry, a larger share than in every other state.