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America's Best Companies to Work For

8. Eastman Chemical (NYSE: EMN)
> Rating:
> CEO approval rating: 91% (Mark Costa)
> Industry: Chemical manufacturing
> Revenue: $9.6 billion
> Employees: 15,000

A spinoff of Eastman Kodak, Eastman Chemical was founded in 1994. Both companies are named after George Eastman. Eastman Chemical claims its employees are at the heart of its success, and, at least according to employee reviews on Glassdoor, the company appears to treat and reward them accordingly..

Eastman Chemical employees are far more likely to be satisfied with their job than most people. The chemical manufacturing company’s Glassdoor rating of 4.3 is among the highest of any major company and far higher than the 2.8 rating of the company it descended from. Eastman Chemical employees laud the company for its collaborative work environment and high pay.

McKinsey work
Source: Wikimedia Commons

7. McKinsey & Company
> Rating:
> CEO approval rating: 99% (Dominic Barton)
> Industry: Business services and supplies
> Revenue: $8.3 billion
> Employees: 17,000

McKinsey is a management consulting company. Much of McKinsey’s research concerns maximizing employee satisfaction, which it has largely managed to do with its own workforce. In Glassdoor reviews, many employees note the smart people and opportunities to learn as major advantages to working at McKinsey. Many consulting roles involve working closely with a client on a project for a few months and traveling on a weekly basis. While some employees dislike the frequent travel, most enjoy their work overall. Employees rate McKinsey 4.3 stars out of five on average, among the highest employee satisfaction rating of any company.

Employee satisfaction tends to be higher when workers have faith in upper management, and McKinsey employees regularly praise their coworkers and leadership. CEO Dominic Barton has a 99% approval rating, tied for the highest of any company.

uber work
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6. Uber
> Rating:
> CEO approval rating: 91% (Travis Kalanick)
> Industry: Technology
> Revenue: $495.3 million
> Employees: N/A

Uber is a technology company that facilitates requests for cars in major metropolitan areas around the world through the use of a mobile application. Launched in San Francisco in 2010, the company has grown dramatically since it was founded, reporting 1.1 million active drivers as of November of last year. The impressive growth and popularity of the company’s service may have led Uber Chief Advisor David Plouffe to frame in a press release last year Uber’s on-demand ridesharing model as a forerunner of America’s future labor force.

Freelance gig work makes up a very small share of businesses and workers in the U.S. economy. At Uber, however, drivers reviewing the company on Glassdoor spoke generally positively about the flexibility and independence they have. On the other hand, driving for Uber is for many not a reliable source of income and since drivers work under contract, they do not receive tax or worker protections, nor do they qualify for unemployment insurance and other benefits of full employment.

linkedin work
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5. LinkedIn (NYSE: LNKD)
> Rating:
> CEO approval rating: 97% (Jeff Weiner)
> Industry: Internet information providers
> Revenue: $3.0 billion
> Employees: 9,372

Many of the companies with the highest employee satisfaction ratings deal with cutting-edge technology and have widespread reach. LinkedIn, which recently agreed to be acquired by Microsoft, is the world’s largest professional network with approximately 433 million members in over 200 countries and territories. Employees of the company frequently cite their smart coworkers and workplace culture as major benefits to working at LinkedIn. Employees report feeling valued and motivated by management. CEO Jeff Weiner has a 97% approval rating, among the highest of any company.

LinkedIn also offers its employees numerous perks. Employees enjoy unlimited vacation, free cafeteria lunches, and one day each month dedicated to pursuing personal projects.

google work
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4. Google (NASDAQ: GOOAV)
> Rating:
> CEO approval rating: 98% (Sundar Pichai)
> Industry: Internet information providers
> Revenue: $75.0 billion
> Employees: 61,814

Internet search juggernaut Google trails just three other companies in employee rating. To ensure job satisfaction and attract the most qualified applicants, technology companies offer generous perks and benefits — and Google is no different. Reviewers cite features of traditional benefits packages such as health insurance, retirement plans, and paid time off. In addition, several current Google employees who gave the company the highest possible rating cited exceptional staff parties held at such locations as the Museum of Modern Art, as well as overnight ski trips to Vermont.

Resources are needed to provide the most competitive salaries, bonuses and other benefits, and like many of the most favorably rated U.S. companies, Google is doing very well financially. The company reported profits of $16.35 billion on revenue of $74.99 billion in 2015, both up considerably from the previous year.