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10 Best Technology Companies to Work For

No one knows more about a workplace than its employees. Employee opinions reflect basic measures, such as pay, perks, benefits, and hours worked. But they are also influenced by factors such as a company’s culture, internal politics, and even general mood — intangibles that can be lost in internal audits and consultancy surveys.

While companies have websites, public relations teams, and recruiters to tailor their message to prospective hires, employees have far fewer forums to communicate their views. Glassdoor.com, a career community website, provides the opportunity for employees to give their own opinions, and for potential employees to research the company. This also allows potential employees to research the company.

Disproportionately, the companies that receive the strongest endorsements from their employees are in the technology sector. When 24/7 Wall St. reviewed America’s best companies to work for last month, 11 of the top 25 employers were in the technology sector, including LinkedIn and Facebook — the nation’s number one and number two-rated employers, respectively.

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Many of these top-rated technology companies are truly massive in scale. Google is perhaps the best such example: The company that redefined the search engine is the market leader in online search by far; its YouTube video site dominates online video; and the majority of smartphones worldwide use Google’s Android operating system. Another example is Facebook, which has hundreds of millions of daily users and more than one billion monthly users.

Many of these tech companies have built an impeccable reputation — not only with their employees and potential hires, but also with the broader public. Google and Apple, for instance, have the world’s two most valuable brands, according to consultancy firm BrandZ. Facebook, SAP, LinkedIn, and Intel are other top-rated tech employers among BrandZ’s 100 most valuable brands.

Companies with strong employee reviews also tend to have well-regarded management. Among the top 10 technology companies, all but one had an employee CEO approval rating of more than 80%. Further, seven of these executives had approval ratings of more than 90%, placing them well above CEOs at all other businesses.

In order to determine America’s best technology companies to work for, 24/7 Wall St. independently reviewed employee ratings and testimonials on Glassdoor.com. Each of these businesses was initially listed among our top 75 companies to work for. To be considered for that list, a company had to have at least 300 reviews and could not be a government agency, a non-profit, or a subsidiary of a larger company.

We then screened for companies by industry to identify the top-rated firms in the technology and software industries. Companies are ranked by rating, with preference given to those companies with more reviews. Insight Global was excluded from our consideration, despite being a technology company, because its primary service is information technology staffing.

Employee totals and revenue figures are from the most recent fiscal year for which data was available. Sources include: company documents, Securities and Exchange Commission filings, S&P Capital IQ, and Forbes’ America’s Largest Private Companies 2013.

These are the 10 best technology companies to work for.