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12 Jobs Being Lost to China

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12. Jewelers and precious stone and metal workers
> Projected loss 2014-2024: -11.3%
> 2014 jobs: 39,800
> 2024 jobs: 35,300
> Median annual wage: $37,060

Though demand for jewelry repair workers and boutique jewelry makers is expected to remain strong nationwide, the manufacturing of jewelry now primarily takes place outside of the United States. Jewelry repair requires a great deal of skill and training. Therefore, as expert jewelers in the U.S. retire, there will likely not be enough adequately trained specialists to replace them. As a result, the BLS projects an 11.3% decrease in the number of such workers by 2024 compared to a decade before.

Furnace operator, steelworker
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11. Metal furnace operators, tenders, pourers, and casters
> Projected loss 2014-2024: -11.7%
> 2014 jobs: 31,000
> 2024 jobs: 27,400
> Median annual wage: $39,490

The overall employment decline among metal furnace operators is due in large part to foreign competition. Due to lower labor costs abroad, U.S. firms in the industry not only face steep competition but also are pressured to offshore their operations. Due both to outsourcing and the increasing use of computerized machinery, the BLS projects an 11.7% employment decline for furnace operators, tenders, and pourers.

Tool and Die maker wearing safety glasses
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10. Tool and die makers
> Projected loss 2014-2024: -13.0%
> 2014 jobs: 77,800
> 2024 jobs: 67,700
> Median annual wage: $50,290

The primary responsibilities of tool and die makers include verifying dimensions of specific parts, studying blueprints, and using an array of machinery to grind, bore, and shape parts down to specified dimensions. Automated techniques are steadily eroding U.S. employment in the field. Aso, als is the case with a number of manufacturing jobs in the U.S., a significant share of these jobs are moving abroad. From 2014 to 2024, the BLS projects a 13% employment decline in the number of tool and die makers in the U.S.