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The Most Republican County in Each State

Teller County, Colorado
Source: Wikimedia Commons

6. Colorado
> Reddest county:
Teller County

Though all of Colorado’s nine electoral votes went to Obama in 2012, some parts of the state are solidly Republican. Slightly more than 65% of voters in Teller County preferred Romney over Obama in the 2012 presidential election. With Democrat Michael F. Bennet and Republican Cory Gardner, Colorado’s representation in the Senate is split between the two major parties.

7. Connecticut
> Reddest county:
Litchfield County

Litchfield is the reddest county in a traditionally blue state. A larger share of Litchfield County residents voted for Romney than in any other county in Connecticut. Despite majority support for the Republican nominee, Litchfield has not been as supportive of the Republican Party on the congressional level. In each of the last five congressional elections, county voters favored a Democrat. As in many counties across the country where a majority of voters supported Romney, Litchfield residents are more likely to be financially stable. Median household income across the county is $72,068, considerably higher than the the national median income of $53,428.

Sussex County, Delaware
Source: Wikimedia Commons

8. Delaware
> Reddest county:
Sussex County

While over half of Sussex County voters preferred Romney in the 2012 presidential election, the highest share of any county in Delaware, the local voting record on the congressional level does not reflect consistent Republican support. In three of the last five elections, county voters favored Democratic Rep. John Carney.

Baker County, Florida
Source: Wikimedia Commons

9. Florida
> Reddest county:
Baker County

In 2012, Romney won 79.0% of the votes cast in Baker County. The most Republican leaning county in the state, Baker County voters have helped elect Republican Ander Crenshaw to the U.S. House of Representatives in each of the last five congressional elections. Florida Senator Marco Rubio is currently vying for the GOP’s presidential nomination.

Dawson County, Georgia
Source: Wikimedia Commons

10. Georgia
> Reddest county:
Dawson County

Romney won 86.4% of the 2012 votes cast in Dawson County, the highest share of any county in Georgia. Additionally, in each of the last five congressional elections, county voters have helped elect a Republican to Washington. Like many of the most Republican-leaning counties nationwide, the racial composition of Dawson County residents is not especially diverse, with 92.8% of residents identifying solely as white.