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Best Town to Trick-or-Treat in Every State

Does “Trick or treat, smell my feet, give me something good to eat” ring a bell? No doubt, one of many adults’ greatest childhood memories entails dressing up on Halloween and collecting a pillowcase full of candy.

Kids all over the country partake in this one-night event, after weeks of anticipating the moment they can put on their costumes. For many children, Halloween serves to provide a first altruistic experience when they collect donations from the homes they visit on behalf of UNICEF or other charities to help undernourished children.

Since this is an early-evening event, parents tend to walk alongside their kids — especially the younger ones — as they go door to door to ensure they are safe. Along with child safety, many other factors about your town or city can affect the overall Halloween experience.

24/7 Wall St. ranked thousands of towns across the U.S. based on a number of measures related to the trick-or-treating experience. This includes the share of children 14 years old and younger, housing occupancy rates, poverty rates, and the prevalence of crime. We also considered the presence of nearby Halloween-themed businesses — such as costume stores and haunted houses.

Read on to find out out if your town is the best for trick-or-treaters.

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