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The Best Place to Trick-or-Treat in Every State

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31. New Mexico
> Best town to trick-or-treat: Holloman
> Pop. age 14 and under: 35.3%

More than 35% of the 4,070 residents of Holloman Air Force Base near Alamogordo, N.M., are under the age of 14, one of the higher percentages on the list. About 14 miles north of Alamogordo is the haunted house Horror Hall, which opens for the Halloween season Fridays and Saturdays beginning Oct. 12.

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32. New York
> Best town to trick-or-treat: Rye
> Pop. age 14 and under: 25.5%

Rye, just north of New York City, is one of the more affluent towns on the list. More than 42% of the households there have an annual median household income of $200,000, the second-most of any town on our list. One out of every four of the nearly 16,000 residents is 14 years old and under. Should those young ghouls load up on sugary treats for Halloween, they have plenty of dentists to care for their teeth, because there are more than 109 dentists for every 100,000 people in Westchester County, where Rye is located.

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33. North Carolina
> Best town to trick-or-treat: Whispering Pines
> Pop. age 14 and under: 28.0%

In Whispering Pines, in central North Carolina, 28% of the town’s 3,125 residents are those under the age of 14. About 10 miles away from Whispering Pines is the Aberdeen Fear Factory, which is open Thursday through Saturday beginning Sept. 28.

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34. North Dakota
> Best town to trick-or-treat: Lincoln
> Pop. age 14 and under: 29.1%

Lincoln, a town of 3,311 and part of the Bismarck metropolitan area, is a municipality that registers 100% in housing occupancy. Its poverty rate is just 0.5%. About 20 miles from Lincoln is Fort Abraham Lincoln, supposedly a place of “paranormal myths and legends’’ that hosts the annual Haunted Fort on Friday and Saturday nights in October.

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35. Ohio
> Best town to trick-or-treat: Powell
> Pop. age 14 and under: 28.1%

More than 28% of the town’s population of 12,436 are children under the age of 14. The Scareatorium and the Carnage Haunted House are diversions for Halloween revelers in nearby Columbus. Powell has one of the lowest poverty rates on the list at 0.3%.