Special Report

Top-Selling Cars of 2018

Source: Robert Hradil / Getty Images

15. Jeep Wrangler
> 2018 Sales: 240,032
> 2017 Sales: 190,522
> Base price: $27,945

Wrangler is the best selling of Jeep’s five models and had the biggest sales increase, 26%, of any of the cars on the list. Jeep brand sales rose 17% to 973,227.

Source: Courtesy of Toyota

14. Toyota Highlander
> 2018 Sales: 244,511
> 2017 Sales: 215,775
> Base price: $31,330

Highlander is Toyota’s lowest-priced SUV. It offers a hybrid model that has a base price of $36,970.

Source: Scott Olson / Getty Images

13. Toyota Tacoma
> 2018 Sales: 245,659
> 2017 Sales: 198,125
> Base price: $25,550

The Tacoma is part of a category called mid-sized pickups that do not compete with the better-selling Ford F-Series or Chevy SIlverado. Its primary competitors are the Nissan Frontier and Chevy Colorado. Tacoma had a sales increase of 24% in 2018, the second-biggest sales gain of any vehicle in the list.

Source: Courtesy of Ford Motor Company

12. Ford Escape
> 2018 Sales: 272,228
> 2017 Sales: 308,296
> Base price: $24,105

The Escape is Ford’s entry-level crossover. Escape comes with the option for three different engine sizes so people who want a sporty version can pay extra for more horsepower.

Source: Courtesy of Honda

11. Honda Accord
> 2018 Sales: 291,071
> 2017 Sales: 322,655
> Base price: $23,720

The Accord is Honda’s mid-priced, mid-sized sedan. Sales plunged last year because of heavy competition with other manufacturers and the shift away from certain car models, many of which have been on the market for decades.