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Richest Person in Every State

Source: Bruce Bennett / Getty Images

Colorado: Philip Anschutz
> Est. net worth: $10.9 billion
> Resides: Denver

Philip Anschutz has become one of the wealthiest people in the world by investing in several businesses including oil, railroads, real estate, and entertainment. His Anschutz Entertainment Group owns and operates arenas and stadiums across the globe. The Denver resident has donated hundreds of millions of dollars to the University of Colorado’s medical center, which was named in his honor.

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Connecticut: Ray Dalio
> Est. net worth: $18.4 billion
> Resides: Greenwich

Ray Dalio is the founder of Connecticut’s Bridgewater Associates, the largest hedge fund in the world based on assets managed. Many of Connecticut’s other wealthy residents owe their wealth to hedge funds, including SAC Capital head Steve Cohen, who was hit with a two-year ban from managing money after an insider trading allegation.

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Source: Science History Institute / Wikimedia Commons

Delaware: Robert Gore and Elizabeth Snyder
> Est. net worth: $750 million
> Resides: Newark & Wilmington

One of the country’s least populous states, Delaware is not home to any billionaires, and brother and sister Elizabeth Snyder and Robert Gore tie as the state’s wealthiest person. The two share in the Gore-Tex fortune founded by their parents. Robert, working as a chemical engineer, invented the waterproof material used in Gore-Tex apparel.

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Florida: Thomas Peterffy
> Est. net worth: $18.8 billion
> Resides: Palm Beach

Florida’s wealthiest resident is Thomas Peterffy, the chairman of Interactive Brokers. Peterffy is best known for his hand in popularizing digital high-speed trading. Peterffy lives in Palm Beach, where he recently helped open a high-end, members-only medical center, one of the first of its kind. Peterffy invested $5 million in the project, a drop in the bucket of his estimated $18.8 billion net worth.

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Source: Courtesy of Cox Enterprises

Georgia: Jim Kennedy
> Est. net worth: $9.5 billion
> Resides: Atlanta

Georgia is home to Atlanta Billionaire Jim Kennedy, who inherited the Cox Enterprises empire. The company, which his grandfather founded in 1898, includes cable television company Cox Communications, as well as a number of other properties spanning television, newspaper, and the internet.

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