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The Most Common Types of Cancer in Men and Women

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10. Pancreas
> Est. new cases in 2019: 56,770
> Diagnosis by gender: 52.7% male, 47.3% female
> Est. deaths in 2019: 45,750
> Deaths by gender: 52.0% male, 48.0% female

Pancreatic cancer is serious and often deadly. With no symptoms in early stages, pancreatic cancer is typically only caught in late stages. When symptoms eventually become apparent, they can include fatigue, jaundice, and abdomen pain. Treatments include chemotherapy and surgery.

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9. Uterine corpus
> Est. new cases in 2019: 61,880
> Diagnosis by gender: 100% female
> Est. deaths in 2019: 12,160
> Deaths by gender: 100% female

Though it can only affect women, uterine corpus cancer ranks among the 10 most common cancer diagnoses. This type of cancer typically occurs after menopause and is the third most common type of cancer in women. The ACS estimates that nearly 62,000 American women will be diagnosed with the disease in 2019.

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8. Kidney & renal pelvis
> Est. new cases in 2019: 73,820
> Diagnosis by gender: 59.8% male, 40.2% female
> Est. deaths in 2019: 14,770
> Deaths by gender: 66.5% male, 33.5% female

The ACS estimates that there will be 73,820 new cases of kidney and renal pelvis cancer in 2019 and 14,770 deaths due to the disease. Signs and symptoms of the condition include blood in urine, constant back pain, exhaustion, and unexplained weight loss. Prognosis for those with this type of cancer depends on the stage of the cancer, the specific location of the tumor, and the patient’s overall kidney health.

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7. Non-Hodgkin lymphoma
> Est. new cases in 2019: 74,200
> Diagnosis by gender: 55.4% male, 44.6% female
> Est. deaths in 2019: 19,970
> Deaths by gender: 57.6% male, 42.4% female

Non-Hodgkin lymphoma, or NHL, starts in the body’s white blood cells and can spread to other areas. NHL can be treated with chemotherapy, radiation therapy, or stem cell transplant. Over 55% of the projected 74,200 new cases and 19,970 deaths attributable to the disease this year will be in adult men.

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6. Urinary bladder
> Est. new cases in 2019: 80,470
> Diagnosis by gender: 76.7% male, 23.3% female
> Est. deaths in 2019: 17,670
> Deaths by gender: 72.8% male, 27.2% female

Urinary bladder cancer is typically detected early, when it is highly treatable. The disease is often recurring, however, and follow ups after treatment are important. Symptoms of the disease include blood in urine, painful urination, and back pain. More than three-quarters of the 80,470 Americans projected to be diagnosed with bladder cancer in 2019 will likely be men.