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20 Surprisingly Dangerous and Common Things in Your Home

People often spend hundreds of dollars on security systems to protect their property from intruders and outside dangers that are beyond their control, such as flooding. But many families are unaware of the dangers inside the home.

24/7 Tempo compiled a list of potentially hazardous objects and materials often found in the household by reviewing information from government agencies and nonprofit organizations.

Many unintentional injury-related deaths happen at home – and part of them are due to poisonings caused by gases, chemicals, and other substances, according to the National Safety Council. But why were there gases and other chemicals in the household in the first place? Often the reason is seemingly innocuous everyday products that were used or stored improperly. And just like you think some products are harmless, even though they are not, there are some “harmless” habits that are actually doing you more harm than you can imagine.

People make their homes their sanctuaries where they feel comfortable and safe. The last thing they need is some common item that has the potential to harm them and their families. But harm can come from fires, gases, chemical, even wood furniture.

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To compile a list of potentially hazardous objects often found in the household, 24/7 Tempo reviewed reports by government agencies such as the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention and nonprofit organizations such as the National Fire Protection Association. Many household cleaning products can be hazardous to human health, especially if used or stored improperly. We’ve broken them down into a few specific categories.