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Coronavirus Cleaning Tips for Your Phone, Tablet and Other Devices

Since the pandemic and the subsequent stay-at-home orders and social gatherings restrictions — caused by concerns over the spread of coronavirus — people have been left to their own devices at home, and those include cell phones, laptops, iPads, video games, and television remote controls, among others.

Before the pandemic, these devices were frequently used — they are sometimes called high-touch items — and now that so many of us are home, they are being handled even more often, and not necessarily by a single user. That raises the specter of spreading the dreaded coronavirus. It is transmitted via droplets from the nose or mouth when an infected person coughs, sneezes, or exhales. Here are tips to prevent coronavirus and other viral infections.

24/7 Tempo has compiled a list of cleaning tips for your phones, tablets, and other devices. We reviewed articles in trade publications, as well as general media sources to create our list.

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While we can’t live without technology, it has been one of the sectors hit hardest by the coronavirus because of the disruption in the supply chain for video game consoles, smartphones, and smartwatches. Here are the industries devastated by the coronavirus.

Those using electronic devices need to clean the plastic and steel surfaces with the proper disinfectants. These are the kinds of surfaces where the coronavirus can survive for up to 72 hours. Most of the products used for cleaning might already be available in your home. The American Chemistry Council has a list of EPA-approved products. Soap and hot water is also a safe option that will help reduce the spread of the virus. Obviously, always use common sense when cleaning electronics: unplug them first, do not submerge them, and only use a small amount of cleaner on a cloth so that moisture doesn’t enter any openings.”