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The Best Place to Get a Shake in Every State

Source: Courtesy of Ryan G. via Yelp

41. South Dakota: Phillips Avenue Diner
> Location: Sioux Falls

This old-style diner with its menu of burgers, sandwiches, dinner dishes, and all-day breakfasts offers standard shakes, variations with Heath Bars and Oreos (among other things) and a menu of Crazy Shakes. These include the Elvis (peanut butter, honey, and bananas), the Emmanomnom (chocolate, M&Ms, and cookie dough bits), and the Whatchamaycallit (chocolate, caramel, Rice Krispies, and peanuts).

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Source: Courtesy of Alexis C. via Yelp

42. Tennessee: Legendairy Milkshake Bar
> Location: Nashville

Shakes come in three categories here: Signature shakes (literally over-the-top combinations crowned with everything from glazed doughnuts to a whole banana to a slice of cheesecake), kids’ shakes (a smaller selection of variations in a similar style), and Create Your Own. That last category offers 20-plus kinds of ice cream, including Southern blackberry cobbler, chocolate birthday cake, and chocolate peanut butter cookie dough, as well as more conventional flavors. Add-ins range from whipped cream and several sweet sauces to crushed potato chips, gummy worms, and crushed waffle cone. And there’s an option to add “dessert” — including a jumbo marshmallow and chocolate-drizzled bacon as well as the aforementioned doughnut, banana, or cheesecake.

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Source: Courtesy of Jenn B. via Yelp

43. Texas: Chill…The Milkshake Bar
> Location: Spring

This family-run operation in a suburb of Houston serves grilled cheese sandwiches and waffles, but the star of the menu is the milkshake section. There are 33 flavors “and so much more!” listed, and customers are invited to customize their shakes. Chill’s own offerings, besides the Plain Janes (chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry), include Nutter Butter, banana cream pie, pistachio almond, German chocolate, cinnamon sugar, and sangria.

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Source: Courtesy of Monica G. via Yelp

44. Utah: Iceberg Drive Inn
> Location: Salt Lake City and other locations

Conventional milkshakes were on the menu when the first Iceberg opened in 1960. Customers asked for thicker shakes, though, and owner Lamar Sorensen responded by developing his “famous thick shakes” — the kind you couldn’t sip through a straw. Almost 50 varieties are available, including boysenberry, grape, lemon custard, grasshopper, Snickers, caramel cashew, and rocky road. (There are now two Iceberg locations in Salt Lake City, including the original, and five more around Utah — as well as seven Shake Shop outposts, under the same ownership, in California and Arizona.)

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Source: Courtesy of Surupa B. via Yelp

45. Vermont: Ben & Jerry’s Factory Scoop Shop
> Location: Waterbury

It may be owned by the massive multinational corporation Unilever, but Ben & Jerry’s remains a Vermont institution and a point of pride for locals. Its factory in Waterbury, just northwest of the state capital in Montpelier, offers guided tours, a “flavor graveyard” complete with headstones commemorating discontinued flavors, and a Flavor Fanatic Experience that gives visitors the chance to help make their own ice cream. There’s also an ice cream shop, of course, at which not just ice cream itself but milkshakes — reliably said to be the best in Vermont — are served. All the classic Ben & Jerry’s flavors are available in shake form — Cherry Garcia, Chubby Hubby, Chunky Monkey, Gimme S’more, and the rest.

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