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27 Top Ways to Cut Sugar and Boost Your Health

Sugar consumption, which has grown from 130 million to 178 million tonnes globally in the last 10 years, has become a major health concern all over the world. Its negative health effects, such as contributing to obesity and diabetes, are a major reason that many health organizations set curbing sugar intake as a goal

24/7 Tempo reviewed information on healthy eating habits from various sources to compile a list of 27 ways a person can significantly cut sugar consumption.

The World Health Organization recommends that no more than 10% of a person’s total energy intake would be added sugar, but ideally it should be less than 5%. For the average American, that would mean about 25 grams of sugar, or about 6 teaspoons. But Americans consume a lot more — about 22 teaspoons of sugar a day on average for adults.

Sugar adds no nutritional value but are loaded with calories. Consuming more calories than necessary can of course contribute to weight gain as well as inflammation. Cognitive impairment, especially dementia, is also a possible result of obesity, according to research from the Global Neuroscience Initiative Foundation.

Paying attention to how much sugar a person is consuming — and possibly reducing the amount — is a recommended strategy for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. While cutting back may be hard, it’s not impossible with a few simple tricks. But it also involves knowing what to avoid — these are 20 foods and drinks you only think are healthy.

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To compile a list of ways to reduce sugar intake, 24/7 Tempo reviewed information on healthy eating habits from sources such as Harvard School of Public Health, American Heart Association, the National Institutes of Health, and other sources.