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26 Climate Crisis Disasters That Will Get Worse If We Do Nothing

Source: PhotoCPL / Getty Images

11. Global inundation

The eventual melting of both polar ice caps, which scientists predict is inevitable at the current rate of warming, would in the long-term result in a sea level rise of more than 120 feet. The loss of the Greenland ice sheet would cause an even greater rise.

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12. Flooding of coastal communities

An estimated 145 million people live at altitudes within 3 feet of sea level. Even with a more conservative sea level rise estimate of 3 feet, these people will all be displaced by the end of the century, including in places like the Netherlands, the United States, South Asia, and China.

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13. Florida under water

More than 1 million Florida homes are at risk of flooding by 2100, and many major coastal cities will be at least partially under water.

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14. Bangladesh flooded

A 3-foot sea level rise would flood 20% of the landmass of Bangladesh, displacing an estimated 30 million people.

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15. Widespread drought

By one estimate, available drinkable surface water per person will have fallen from 6,880 cubic yards in 1951 to 1,046 cubic yards by 2025.