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Most Common Arguments of Climate Deniers

September’s demonstrations urging world governments to do more to combat climate change saw millions of people take to the streets, led by a grass-roots movement of young people. During the climate summit at the United Nations headquarters in New York, convened by U.N. Secretary General António Guterres to emphasize what he has called “the transformation measures necessary [to reverse climate change trends] before it is too late.” Here are 21 strategies that could help avert climate disaster

Not everyone agrees, though. There remain some climate change deniers who continue to argue that the world is not getting warmer. Others concede that the Earth is warming but deny that human activity is the cause. Still others argue that the effects of warming will be minimal and that the cost of combating these minimal changes will be too high. 

What arguments do climate deniers have for their unpopular and debunked position?

California’s Governor’s Office of Planning and Research lists 14 arguments often used by climate change deniers, all of which also appear with different wording in Climate scientist John Cook’s 197 arguments he maintains on the website, skepticalscience.com. Using California’s list as our starting point, 24/7 Wall St. has examined 16 arguments often heard from climate change deniers.  

Meanwhile, climate scientists continue to make strides in better understanding the scope and severity of the climate crisis and are finding ways to mitigate the effects. Here are some of last year’s amazing accomplishments in climate science.

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