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The Most Popular Characters in ‘Sesame Street’s’ History

“Sesame Street” made its debut in 1969, and children’s programming has never been the same. The show revolutionized TV by answering the question whether the medium can educate children. In studies about the impact of the show researchers found that toddlers, especially those living in disadvantaged communities, can learn from the show as much as from preschool.

The series has been watched in 150 countries and translated into 70 languages. Aside from content, what has made “Sesame Street” such a global success is its Muppets. As is usually the case with most things kids like, there seem to be some universal favorites when it comes to “Sesame Street” characters. 24/7 Tempo reviewed the 12 most popular Muppets in the show’s history.

Many of the muppets that were introduced on the show half a century ago are still stars on the show today. Over the years, some characters were added to reflect changing times as well as to identify with an increasingly more diverse audience.

The groundbreaking series has had more than 150 million viewers and won 193 Emmy awards. More than a million children are playing with a “Sesame Street” toy characters, and 80% of parents are watching it with their kids. It’s probably safe to say that the show is one of the most influential in TV history.

Almost since the earliest days of television there has been been programming specifically aimed at children, both to entertain and educate — and these are the 50 most loves kids’ shows of all time.

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To identify the most popular characters from “Sesame Street”, 24/7 Tempo reviewed several online polls and surveys where adults were asked to mark their favorite character from the show. Characters were then assigned index scores based on the percentage of total votes they received on each list to give us our final rank. Characters that were missing scores from more than two lists were excluded from consideration.